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Setting boundaries for me were easy. It was the enforcing part that tripped me up.

In true mom fashion I would set a boundary and whenever it wasn’t followed I won’t enforce the consequence.

I would silently bite my jaw and tell myself that they would get it next time.

However, next time never came. I would allow people to step over my boundaries until I had a huge meltdown. Things would be good for a bit because everyone was afraid of me. After about 3 weeks it went back to the original pattern of me picking up all the tasks I had delegated to others.

I felt along and stressed in my own home. It felt like I was the only responsible person in our home that cared about things running smoothly.

Then, one day I decided to drop the victim attitude and truly fix my boundaries issues.

Mom’s don’t enforce boundaries because they feel like they should be doing it all themselves. Although mom’s know they can’t-do it all alone they push themselves to exhaustion to be the perfect mom.  The TV mom has caused many of us to think that we have to take it all on without asking for help.  So, we don’t ask for help because we don’t want to stress the kids, we don’t want to stress our husbands all at the expense of us being the one stressed the fuck out.

So who is our silence serving?

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How Boundaries Reduce Overwhelm

If you are feeling overwhelmed because it feels like you have to do it all on your own, keep reading. Here are the three ways that setting and enforcing boundaries to avoid overwhelm.

  1. It keeps you from feeling alone and like you have to do it all.
  1. It keeps you from having to repeat yourself.
  1. It keeps you from feeling the frustration of never feeling heard or understood.

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Over to You:

Share in the comments below, how could setting boundaries relieve the stress in your life?

I look forward to serving you in The Burnout Cure Community.

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*Need boundary setting guidance? Visit my blog posting Three Mistakes You’re Making When You Set Boundaries, to get quick boundary setting techniques.

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