Being a mom isn’t the easiest job in the world. When you add building a business to the mix, you discover how out of balance your life is. Building a business while caring for a family shows all the weak spots in your armor. So how do you balance your work and family life? The answer is simple. You don’t.  

In today’s vlog cast I’m sharing how I create my awesome days without balance and why you don’t need balance at all. I’m going to be sharing five ways you can begin to reduce your daily overwhelm with your schedule. 

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How to Balance your work and family life 

Your life is what you make it, overwhelm is a byproduct of saying yes to things that truly aren’t serving you. 

“Overwhelm comes from saying yes to the wrong stuff.” Charmaine Click To Tweet 

Here are the five ways to reduce the daily overwhelm in your daily action plan 

  1. Set your schedule the night before
  2. Daily action items are connected to desired outcomes
  3. Manage your energy, not your time
  4. Give a fast no and a slow yes
  5. Check-in with yourself during the day and adjust

That’s it; you can end your overwhelm. Don’t overwhelm yourself more and try to do all the steps at once. Work on being consistent with one step at a time, and build as you go. Remember you didn’t become overwhelmed overnight. This overwhelm is a result of months or years of your boundaries being crossed. 

Give yourself grace and love as you try something different.  

If you’re ready to put these steps into action, get started for free by joining my Time Benders for Mompreneurs Facebook Community and let’s connect to help you reclaim your time, stop the overwhelm and eliminate the distractions in your day. Let’s talk about what’s holding you back in your business and get some solutions that work. 

Over to you 

Where are you going to being on your reduce overwhelm journey? Share in the comments section below how you will begin to eliminate overwhelm in your day. Share your answer in the comments below I’d love to hear how I can serve, support, or celebrate you.

 Until Next Time 

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