The Balance Cure

A Five-Step Guide to Help Entrepreneurial Moms Crush Distractions, Create Balance, + Master Their Life

Is Balance Killing Your Vibe?

Do you find it hard to stay on task? Are you trying everything you know to get your family on board with your business and get your business systems running smoothly yet you still feel like you’re behind? No matter how hard you try creating a daily schedule just doesn’t work for you and you’ve tried them all.  Maybe you should just give up and wait until the kids leave for college and your husband’s work schedule is stable.  Then you remember you tried giving up before but you found that crushing your own dreams made you more batshit than dealing with the chaos. So what’s an entrepreneurial mom to do? 

Enter The Balance Cure

What I Know For Sure

I have been where you are, trying to create a sustainable business while running a household without feeling like I’m split in two. Here’s what I learned in my journey, it all starts and ends with me.

Doesn’t that sound just too simple? Well, it is that simple.

In my book The Balance Cure, I take you through my 5 steps that will show you how to create balance between your family and business to stop them from fighting for your attention.

You will learn:

  • What life balance is and why you’ve been using it wrong.
  • The five balance foundations and how to use them to reach your goals.
  • How to create balance in your life that creates stability not stress
  • How to eliminate procrastion and distractions to get the right things done each day.

How does that sound?

So who am I?

I’m a mom just like you, no I don’t have any fancy degrees or certifications (life doesn’t hand out awards) but I’ve learned how to use my superpower of smelling the options. I decided to take my knowledge and what had been working in my life to share it with other active entrepreneurial moms to help them master their life, create a team-like environment with their family, and create more space to do what they love. The moms I work with report feeling more empowered in their life, more present in their families, and more clear and focused on their life direction. My goal is to get as many mom entrepreneurs living a life they can’t wait to execute because I should be the only one excited about life and ready to conquer the world.

STEP 1: Feelings

In step one you get clear about how you want your life to feel. You’ll assess your seven life areas and gain clarity about each one.  You’ll  learn which life areas are keeping you from achieving the life balance you desire and what you can do about it. This chapter will lay the balance foundation by guiding you to create your core feelings.

STEP 2: Goals


In step two you will begin to build a plan to strengthen the areas you identified as holding you back. You will create a plan to not only work on those areas but on your dreams as well. In this step you’re going to become very clear and comfortable with what you want and need to be successful. 

STEP 3: Purpose

In step three you will learn how to connect to and get clear with your purpose. Your purpose is the why behind your goals that keep you focused and motivated. You’ll learn that purpose is more than a word but it is state of being and it supports your dreams in ways you never imagined.

STEP 4: Distractions + Boundaries

In step four you will dig deeper into eliminating distractions and setting boundaries that work. This step shares the three C’s of boundary setting and the three ways to eliminate distractions.You will leave this step with a clear plan of action to begin clearing space in your life. 

STEP 5: Action

In step five you will learn how to combine the first four steps to create your daily action plan (aka your schedule or to do list) to create a harmonized day. This step gives you a framework that you could use in all planning situations to make sure you are creating true balance in your life.

Going through this book helped me see just how important it is to tune into what I really want to feel in each area of my life. I had an a-ha moment when I realized that if I focused on the feeling in my top area it would help me achieve the feelings I wanted in other areas.


As an entrepreneur, I really enjoyed reading through this book and I feel that as I apply the techniques, it will e a blessing and aide to me personally. While I loved this book, a warning is needed: this is not for the half-hearted or those who may want a quick fix to their struggle!


The Balance Cure

Build your business without losing your mind or family

What’s included 

A PDF of the book The Balance Cure that you can download + print (Value $15) 

Printable workbook pages for each chapter of the book to help you create real-time solutions (Value $15) 

For a limited time bonus audio lessons to help you dig deeper into each chapter (Value $25) 


You receive all three for only $21! 


What other Boss Moms Are Saying About The Balance Cure

“I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as I got into the workbook and started the exercises. Midway though, I got a clear vision of what I was unconsciously creating vs what I really wanted and desired. It made me realize the gap between the two that clearly was causing chaos and stress in my life. This book opened my eyes to what is important and how I can live by that and be reminded of it so I can live with intention not only in parenting but in different areas of my life. I recommend this book to all moms who need an introspection so they can begin to live a life with more balance and less stress and chaos in their lives.”  Magaly

I appreciate how you have always made me self aware of what traps are there to stop me. I know when I read again, and figure out what my outcomes are, I would really benefit from the workbook side of this book. However, the insight into boundaries and distractions have helped me immensely.  
Thank you for striving to help us Moms recover from Burnout.  Ucleasha

This book is a quick and easy way to get started on making the changes necessary to bring sanity around juggling the demands of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Chantel

Download Your Copy of The Balance Cure w/ Audio Lessons Bonus Now!


Don’t wonder if this is your next step, your heart already knows the answer. I know you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired when it comes to your schedule. You know there’s got to be a better way but you just don’t have a map to get there.

I’m sharing my map with you, there is a way out of overwhelm, stress, and burnout without dumping your business or ignoring your family.

Make the choice to reclaim your time and truly begin living life on your terms.

I know you’re a boss mom and that you have a lot of moving pieces but, don’t put off living your best life waiting for a calm moment. Calm never comes to you, you gotta create it.

Without The Burnout Cure, you will most likely continue to:

  • Feel like you’re always forgetting something
  • Feel like you’re always one disaster away from a breakdown
  • Feel like you’re always putting out fires
  • Feel like nothing ever really gets done

So, if you’re ready to dig deep and take the plunge to create a harmonious life now, click the button below to grab your copy today.

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