What does your schedule look like? Does even thinking about your schedule cause you to hyperventilate?

If creating a daily schedule makes you nervous, then this posts for you.

As moms, we have this tendency to create schedules that leave us feeling more stressed than relieved. The schedules that you create each day should give you focus and clarity. Your schedules are to help you feel free.

If you’re ready to create to-do lists that get to-done. Here you go!

  1. How do you want to feel? – Creating a task list based on feelings not just task gives you an emotional hook to stay focused and avoid the distractions.
  2. How many frogs do you need to eat today? – What are the one – three things that must get done? Getting clear on those tasks and performing them early in the day will take you closer to your desired feelings.
  3. How are you slaying? -What are the three-five tasks that will get you closer to completing your goal? Remember project completion is all about the small consistent steps.
  4. Who do you need to hear from or who needs to hear from you? Who do you need to hear from or who needs to hear from you to complete a task or move forward with a project?

You don’t need a fancy calendar or software to get your task list going. I use a mixture of paper and electronic means to keep track of my tasks list and project completion. You can use a software program like Wunderlist or a regular notebook.

Creating a daily to-do list using the four steps above will help you. A great to-do list will show you what you need to do and how you can feel good while doing it. A great to-do list isn’t just about checking things off, it’s feeling good while doing it.

Let Me Know:

Share in the comments below what you need to do to get your daily to-do list to a happy place. I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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