In this final episode of 2023 I am sharing my best to help you shift how you see yourself and celebrate you. This episode is not fluff but the self-confidence needed for moms to make the shifts needed to support their life.

In this episode I am sharing some of my favorite and highest listened to episodes of the year. I’m sharing clips from my Live Podcast event, Celebration is Self-Care, and Why Clarity is Queen. These 3 episodes will help you bring the clarity and foundation you need to tackle your year.

Let’s complete 2023 with clear focus and hope for the life you’re creating. I know you’re ready to start building yourself up so, grab your ear buds and dig in.

“The more I celebrated myself the more confident I became. The more I became able to use my voice and speak up for myself.” ~ Charmaine

“Until the life area causing you the most pain has more flow, it doesn’t matter what you do, you’re going to have to keep coming back and putting out fires.” ~ Charmaine


Now let’s dig into episode #43 of the We Ain’t Normal Show


  • Why isn’t going on strike an effective method to get your family on your side?

  • Why shouldn’t hyper-focusing always be the goal?

  • How do moms start to apply boundaries without all the mom guilt?


  • Why celebrating yourself matters and how it’s tied into your gratitude

  • How to take steps to optimize your clarity to avoid people pleasing and stress

  • Why slowing down is your best tool to staying sane


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