Burnout and motherhood seem to go hand in hand.

In this episode I am sharing some of the best of the burnout recovery episodes with you, to help you get on or stay on track. I am sharing clips from Brithney Williams, Rita Suzanne, Akili Atkinson and Charmaine Fuller.

It’s time to get down to what’s causing your burnout and creat new methods to keep burnout at bay. Also learning how you can reduce the time spent in burnout and why eliminating burnout shouldn’t be your number one goal. 

If you’re ready to take a deep dive, grab your ear buds and dig in.

*this episode is not to be used to replace adequate mental health care, see a doctor if you need support*

“We have normalized moms struggling, as moms we have so much on our plate there is nothing wrong with getting the help we need.” ~ Brithney

“You have to realize that you can’t do everything.” ~ Rita

“During each day you need to create space for you, it allows you to be OK with saying no. Hold on to your time.”~ Akili

“Brainstorming doesn’t add clarity to your life just more ish to do.” ~ Charmaine

Now let’s dig into episode #39 of the We Ain’t Normal Show


  • How do moms get their clarity back after burnout?

  • How can you keep life together when it’s moving so fast?

  • Why don’t tasks lists work and how do they add overwhelm?


  • Why motivating yourself is burning you out and how to change that

  • Why self-care often feels so hard for neurodiverse moms

  • How to navigate parenting when you have sensory overload


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