Mental health and motherhood is such a hot button topic, but far too often the solutions given aren’t fit for a real mom’s life.

In this episode I am sharing some of the best of the mental health episodes with you, to help you get on or stay on track. I am sharing clips from Sandtrice Rusells episode “Not Yo Momma’s Self Care”, Ebony Pollard’s episode “Totally Freaking Out” and Faten Saad’s episode “The Healing Power of Setting Boundaries” and my episode “I’m not Doing Ish” .

It’s time to make your mental health journey your own and create the boundaries you need to thrive.

If you’re ready to take a deep dive, grab your ear buds and dig in.

*this episode is not to be used to replace adequate mental health care, see a doctor if you need support*

“Life can get hectic from time to time, you’re going to have to be able to realize you can’t take care of everyone unless you’re setting aside time for you to recharge.” ~ Sandtrice

“When you’re not feeling 100% it’s OK to say no and give yourself the permission to breathe.” ~ Ebony

“We often have this misconstrued idea of what boundaries were, and I think that’s why it was so hard to navigate them. ” ~ Faten

“What if, all the stuff on your to-do list wasn’t meant to be done by you or at all? Who would you be?” ~ Charmaine

Now let’s dig into episode #38 of the We Ain’t Normal Show


  • What’s do you think the true meaning of boundaries is?

  • How can you keep life together when it’s moving so fast?

  • How do you keep boundaries in intact with life moving so fast?


  • The value of setting boundaries to increase your focus and motivation

  • How to move beyond your patterns and traumas to grow

  • The secret of internal boundaries and how they support your freedom and flow


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