Shayla Burtin is the founder of Yes, I Can Help You an operations management and virtual staffing company. With her 20+ year background in Human Resources & Operations, she helps multi-passionate visionaries work less and vacation more by building winning teams.

In this episode, Shayla shares the importance of not trying to do it all on your own as an entrepreneur. 

She shares, when and how to hire your best team, while giving yourself and new team member grace to learn and grow.

Shayla shares her extensive toolkit for finding, hiring, and training your next best team member.

If you feel ready to hire a team but don’t know where to start, grab your notebook, pen and ear buds and get ready to learn how. take a deep dive into boundary setting and do the work necessary for a healthier life, you’ll want to tune in to this episode.

“Dont get frustrated so much where you stop the process of looking for help, you’re going to make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and make the changes going forward.”~ Shayla

Now let’s dig into episode #36 of the We Ain’t Normal Show


  • When is the best time to hire a team member?

  • What signs should entrepreneurs look for in their business before hiring?

  • What are some of the common mistakes entrepreneurs make when building a team?


  • How to get clear on your company vision before that first hire

  • Signs to look out for in your business that will let you know it’s time to hire

  • How to create a hiring plan and getting support before hiring a new team member


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