Star Hansen is a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO©) and Clutter Whisperer on a mission to help you banish your personal Clutter Monster, take control of your stuff, and create a life you’re truly proud of. 

In this episode, Star shares how women can use their ADHD to create order to fit their brain. Also, the differences between activated and practical clutter and how to navigate each one.

She explains that boundaries are not just physical but also internal rules that we set for ourselves, and how we can maintain them through self-care and being present in our own lives.

The conversation also touches on the importance of getting down to the emotions of your clutter and not just buying new tools. See also does some mini-clutter coaching on me in this episode.

If you’re ready to get organized for real and stay that way, grab your ear buds and dig in.

“The solution you seek is often buried in your clutter. ” ~ Star

Now let’s dig into episode #33 of the We Ain’t Normal Show


  • How can women use their ADHD to create order to fit their brain?

  • What is the #1 deterrent to becoming organized for women?

  • What do the things we buy show us other needs we might have?


  • Why you don’t need to buy new stuff to clear the clutter

  • Why outside tools aren’t the key to clearing clutter

  • The part your emotions play in women getting and staying organized


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