Being an entrepreneur is no punk. It is definitely not for the weak of spirit.

When you are a neurodiverse entrepreneur trying to protect your mental health is even more important.

I wrote article for Detroit Mom Blog about how entrepreneurs could protect their mental health and I decided to share it here.

Protect Your Mental Health as a Neurodiverse Entrepreneur

In addition to the three methods I shared on the Detroit Mom blog I wanted to share a few additional support tips for you to thrive.

1. Track Your Wins – Look, I know how easy it is to notice everytime you “F” up. I mean your entire life folk been reminding you that you’re book smart but life dumb.

In order to keep your sanity and self-esteem in track grab a notebook and track your wins more than you notice your loses.

2. Create Space – Don’t pack your day back to back. I know it feels like you can do it all, but child time blindness is real. Before you know it time will be up and you’ll be scrambling. Make sure to leave at least 15 minutes between each activity you schedule. 

3. Get Support – Don’t think you have to do it all on your own. I know you tell yourself you work great under pressure, but really you don’t. Start communicating what’s going on in your life and business with family, so if you need support (which you will) they will at least know where to jump in at.

Protect Your Mental Health as a Neurodiverse Entrepreneur: The Wrap Up

How will you start to protect you? You help everyone else, the time is now to start taking care of the very brain that gives you all those awesome ideas.

Share in the comments below which step will you start implementing to get started on your journey to brighter days?

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