Once upon a time, there was a fabulous mompreneur that loved her family and her business, every night she went to bed exhausted and burned out but it never felt like anything was getting accomplished. She checked many things off her to-do list and was always in motion, but it never seemed like all that stuff was moving her forward in her family or business life.  In fact, it seemed like no matter how much she did, she was never getting any closer to her goal.

One day the fabulous mompreneur was introduced to the purpose principle, connecting a purpose to her what she was doing was a magical solution. She knew that by knowing how she wanted to feel was ahead of the pack, but when she added purpose to her daily actions life felt better. She now had an emotional connection to her daily action items, making her even more focused and clear about her life vision. Knowing her why made it easier to say no to items that she knew where not taking her closer to her purpose or foundational feelings.

The super mompreneur was able to keep her focus, enjoy her work, and end her days feeling closer to herself, her family, and her business. Gone where those feelings of not enoughness and burn out, she now ended each day with a smile and feeling like her dreams were closer to being realized.

Do you wish this was your story?

Of course the above is a fairy tale, life is not that perfect, however, it is possible for you to experience a more awesome life than you’re experiencing now.

Today I am going to share the three ways that you create purpose around your daily actions of ensuring that you stay focused, clear, and work quickly to get closer to you goals. I invite you to use one or all of them in your daily life as you strive to come closer to the designed life.


My Top Three Ways to Stay in My Purpose

Here are my top three ways to get to your purpose to make sure you’re living on purpose.

  1. Do you know why? – While you are working on any task ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” If the answer you’re provided does not fit the outcomes you’re trying to produce that day, you might need to rethink the action.
  2. Are you operating from why? – Is the action you’re working on a why action, meaning it’s purpose driven even if it ain’t your favorite thing in the world to do; or is it what driven, meaning you are just going through the motions just to complete another thing off your list.
  3. Do you know how you want to feel? – The only way I know of to get closer to living a purpose driven life is to be really clear about how I want to feel and operating from that highest space. When you are clear about how you want to feel each day it’s much easier to operate in your purpose.

Now Over To You:

How will this help you either get closer to or stay on purpose in your daily life? How does knowing your why connect you to your goals and what needs to be done to achieve them?  I would love to hear where you are and what you need so I can support, serve, or celebrate you.

Until Next Time,

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