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Today I’m sharing some insights from a podcast I listened to from The Chalene Show(listen to it here about how to set goals that truly aligned with who you are and what you truly want to accomplish in your life.  In this podcast Chalene truly echoed many of my sentiments on goal setting and making sure that you are setting goals that not only feel good but get done.

In this podcast she went a step further than me in making the connection to how many of us set goals that are connected to our self-worth which is detrimental to our peace and sanity.  Even I had goals that were set up to someone validate my self-worth to others.  I still have to check in with the goals that I have set to ensure that they are truly fueling my foundational feelings and purpose, because goals that start empty end empty.

How To Set Goals With Soul

Today I am sharing three ways that you can begin creating goals that come from a space of wholeness and not just your attempt to check another thing off of your list.

  • Know thyself – tapping into how you want to feel. Knowing how you want to feel is the foundation to creating a life that feels good.
  • Know thy purpose – tapping into your goals purpose and how it fits into your life. Know your purpose get clear as to why that goal is even there.
  • Know thy actions –  weighing your daily actions to ensure they are taking you closer to your desired outcome.


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Tell Me What You’re Thinking

Share in the comments section below your point of view on goal setting and if any of this clicked with you. Share where you need support with goals and any ah-ha’s that you possibly have. I’d love to hear how I can serve, support, or celebrate you.

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Use these three methods to check in with the goals you’ve already set.


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