I wanna ask you a question, How are your goals going?

You know the ones you either set January 1st or 90 days ago. Those goals, how are they doing? Are you any closer to your desired outcomes, or are you further away in distraction land?

Today I’m going to share three ways for you to either get back on track or stay there. Our goals give us options when you feel like you have options in your life, it gives you hope to continue to press on and when you have hope and act in faith that you’re going to reach your goal it brings you to success. 

So let’s get to it, shall we?

Three Ways to Make Your Goals Work

  1. Put your goals where you can find them – No more burying them in journals, Word documents or on index cards you’ll never reach for again. Post your goals on the wall, put them as reminders on your phone, make them your screen saver.
  2. Ditch the vision board. – Yes, I said it ditch the vision board because we often put up pictures of things and we don’t attach any feeling to them at all. Remember what you don’t feel you won’t achieve. Instead create a feelings board, a board that has the feelings these items will give you once achieved this can be in images or words.
  3. Give your goals KPI’s – I learned this one from Jennifer Kem + Tony Robbins, give your goals Key Performance Indicators and check in with yourself regularly to see how you are doing with them. I do a weekly check-in with my projects to see how close I am to my desired outcome and if I need to make any tweaks.

So, that’s it. That’s how you can get back on track with your goals or stay on track. I know it might sound like a lot now, however, as you develop a rhythm and you begin to see results you will welcome the opportunity to envision your life and feel the feelings you want to feel on a daily basis.

Now over to you:

How do you keep your goal finish-line at the front of your life or where do you need support in the process? Answer below, I’d love to hear where you are and what you need so I can serve, support or celebrate you.


Until Next Time,

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