What’s the big deal with harmony anyway and what makes it any different than balance? In today’s vlog I am digging into

  • What harmony is and what it isn’t
  • How it works in our life and what our life looks and feels like when it is working
  • How to use it to master your time and add more space in your life

Aiming to create harmony instead of balance will add more space to your life, helping you to create more days that bring you closer to your core desired feelings.

As you listen to today’s video be sure to have your favorite note taking method ready because I am serving high. Be sure to stick around until the end + share your thoughts because I’d love to hear them.


Let Me Know
Share with me in the comments below where harmony needs to show up in your life or how you’re already using the principles of harmony to create space in your life.  I would love to hear how I can celebrate, support, or serve you.

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Until next time
Love + Harmony


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